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Marek Hudon

Marek Hudon is Professor at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management (SBS-EM), Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB), and for the European Microfinance Programme (EMP). He is Co-Director of the Centre for European Research in Microfinance (CERMi), and Co-Director of the Centre d'Etudes Economiques et Sociales de l'Environnement (CEESE). He has initiated the EMP, a one-year Master's Degree in microfinance co-organised by four European universities.

Marek Hudon holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Management Sciences and a Master in Philosophy. In 2006, he was a visiting fellow at Harvard University where he worked on ethical issues in microfinance under the supervision of Professor Amartya Sen. He has conducted research in India, Kenya, Mali, Morocco, Vietnam and the Democratic Republic of Congo. His research mainly focuses on social and nonprofit enterprises, business ethics, sustainable development and development studies.

He has published or forthcoming articles in journals such as Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, Business Ethics: a European Review, Business Ethics Quarterly, Economics Letters, International Journal of Social Economics, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of International Development, Management & Avenir, Mondes en Développement, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, Oxford Development Studies, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Savings and Development, Strategic Change: Briefings in Entrepreneurial Finance, World Development.


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Marc Labie

Marc Labie is Professor in the Department of Management of the Warocqué School of Business and Economics at the University of Mons (UMONS), and for the European Microfinance Programme (EMP). He is Co-Director of the Centre for European Research in Microfinance (CERMi) and Co-Director of the European Microfinance Programme (EMP).

Marc Labie holds a Bachelor degree in Economics and Social Science, and a Ph.D. in Business Administration. He has also studied for brief periods at the London School of Economics and Political Science and at the Universidad de Salamanca. He is an alumnus of the FIPED program at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US in which he has also been lecturing for 11 years. His field experience includes researches and case studies in Colombia, Bolivia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Mexico and Peru.

He has published in journals such as Journal of Business EthicsEthics and Economics, Gestion, Mondes en Développement, Management & Avenir, Management Decision, Quaterly Review of Economics and Finance, Review of Development Economics, Oxford Development Studies and has co-edited various books including “The Handbook of Microfinance” in 2011 (World Scientific Publishing), “The Crises of Microcredit” in 2015 (Zed Books) and « A Research Agenda for Financial Inclusion and Microfinance » in 2019 (Edward Elgar Publishing).


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Ariane Szafarz is Professor at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management(SBS-EM), Université libre de Bruxelles(ULB). She is Co-Director of the Centre for European Research in Microfinance (CERMi), Co-Director of the SBS-EM Doctoral Programme in Management Sciences, and Founding Member and President of the Marie-Christine Adam Fund. She is President of the Jury for the European Microfinance Programme (EMP).

Ariane Szafarz holds a PhD in Mathematics and a Master in Philosophy. Her research mainly focuses on microfinance, gender discrimination, asset management, international finance, ownership and control, and epistemology of finance. She was a visiting professor at Université de Lille II, Université Catholique de Louvain, and the Luxembourg School of Finance. Prof. Szafarz sits in the editorial boards of the Brussels Economic Review, and Bankers Markets and Investors.

She has published or forthcoming articles in journals such as Econometric Theory, Economics Letters, European Economic Review, International Review of Law and Economics, Journal of Asset Management, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Empirical Finance, Journal of International Money and Finance, Labour Economics, Oxford Economic Papers, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, Small Business Economics, World Development.


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