Ongoing projects

At the moment, CERMi is promoting several projects and is involved in several others.

Belgian Research Action through Interdisciplinary Networks (BRAIN-be) - Food 4 Sustainability Project

CERMi-ULB is part of a 5-year BRAIN-be project funded by the Federal scientific authority in Belgium (BELSPO), on the financial incentives that may efficiently reduce the impact of food systems on climate changes, started in 2013.

Co-create 2016 - Innoviris

In 2016, CERMi-ULB has obtained, for a period of two years and half (2017 - mid 2019), funding for the programme "Cro-create 2016"  funded by Brussels scientific authority ( CERMi will work on identifying the research needs relative to the new co-created tools, in order to provide the research inputs required to feed the participatory process. This project involves also the non-profit  association Financité.

Action de Recherche Concertée (ARC)

Since 2016, CERMi-ULB is part of a 5-year ARC (Action de Recherche Concertée) project on financial mechanisms linked to natural resources exploitation and their impacts on riverine communities and organizations in Africa and Europe. It evolves around the sectors of mining exploitation, ecotourism and forestry. CERMi works on the impact of such financial mechanisms in organizations from the social economy sector within Asian and European forestry.