Academic Partners

The Burgundy School of Business' Research Center (CEREN)

Research and pedagogic innovation to deliver excellence in teaching is a key activity of the School’s faculty. In compliance with the School’s mission statement, research is committed to the discovery and dissemination of knowledge relevant to management and entrepreneurship. Its main purpose is to supply the educational programmes with concepts, methods and tools enabling participants and business partners to assimilate entrepreneurial behaviour and best practices in management supporting sustainable development and performance.


Research on Social Enterprises and Microfinance (CERSEM)

CERSEM is one of Europe’s leading research groups on social enterprises and microfinance. CERSEM is integrated into the research group on Emerging Markets at the School of Business and Law (University of Agder).

CERSEM also operates in close contact with industry practitioners. CERSEM’s team includes four core faculty members, one postdoctoral student, several  PhD students, and one administrative coordinator. In addition, they have many associated CERSEM members from Universities across the World.


Université d'Abomey-Calavy

Université d’Abomey-Calavi was founded in 1970 in Cotonou, Benin, and is a major university in Western Africa. At the image of the long microfinance experience of Beninese stakeholders, multiple researchers have long specialized in the study of microfinance within the Faculté des Sciences Économiques (FASEG, school of economics), and have partnered with CERMi on research topics combining performance, regulation, or governance, among others.


Université Catholique de Bukavu (UCB)

The Catholic University of Bukavu, founded in 1989, is one of the top five universities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Microfinance is one of the main research topics of its Faculty of Economics and Management. CERMi has partnered for a long time with the Catholic University of Bukavu, namely through joint research projects and the co-supervision of Congolese PhD candidates.


Université Paris-Dauphine 

Université Paris-Dauphine, established in 1968, is a centre of excellence in research and teaching in the field of public and private organizations and their environments.